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Quality, Affordable Dentures Today

Summit Dental Group offers a variety of full and partial dentures. Depending on your needs, you can select the package that is right for you. Below are the different options and prices of each denture. For more detailed information, call the office to schedule your consultation.

Full Denture Options

You can choose Conventional Full Dentures, which take a few weeks, or Immediate Full Dentures, which can be received same day. For patients who need to have all or most of their teeth extracted, the patient is fitted with a treatment denture while the gum and bone heal properly before receiving the permanent denture. This healing process can take four to six months depending on the patient’s age and health.

Standard Dentures: The dentist and lab technician select the size, shape, and look of the teeth.

Premium Dentures: The teeth are set in wax so the patient is able to try them on and see how they look before the dentures are made. The patient can choose between three tooth shades and can have ethnic gum tinting.

Elite Dentures: This denture has a higher quality tooth for longer wear and a most custom look. It includes a wax try-in, a broad choice of tooth shade, and ethnic gum tinting.

Super Elite Dentures: This denture includes the highest quality tooth for the longest wear and most natural look. These teeth must be ordered which takes about three days. This package also includes a 2-year Breakage Protection Plan.

Denture Pricing:

   Full Set    Upper or Lower

Standard            $450                 $300
Premium            $650                 $400
Elite                     $850                 $500
Super Elite         $1600               $900
Temporary        $500                 $250

Extraction Pricing:
Simple: $102 per tooth
Surgical: $180 Per tooth

Partial Denture Options

For patients who need to replace only a few teeth, partial dentures are a viable option. Below are brief descriptions and pricing of each option. For further information, call the office to schedule your consultation.

Acrylic Partials: These are plastic partials that replace up to three teeth and must be glued in.
Acrylic Partials with clasps: These replace all missing teeth in the arch with wire clasps to hold them in place.
Cast Metal Partials: Stronger and less bulky, these offer a better fit with metal framework and metal clasps.
Flexible Partials: These are a comfortable tissue supported partial with no clasps.
Clear Clasp Partials: These are esthetically pleasing and perfect for those who desire a tight fit.

Partial Denture:

Acrylic Partial (Flipper)            $325/arch
Acrylic Partial with clasps       $495/arch
Cast Metal partial                     $995/arch
Flexible Partials                       $1100/arch
Clear Clasp partials